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Anna’s teaching is as honest and authentic as it is fun and creative. Facilitating movement, philosophy, chanting and deep personal enquiry with lightness and laughter, you are invited to really feel and be in the present moment.

She embraces her own relationship with anxieties and trauma and with emotional awareness, shape shifts  the line between ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ to offer welcoming, inclusive guidance in a safe space for exploration and self enquiry.

Anna McColl 

Born in London and raised a big city girl, Anna´s love for salty sea air, exploration of yoga practices and unwavering thirst for travel, adventure and nature..  She has been on the teaching path for 8 years and commits to furthering her endless learning and experience through practice, travel, differing cultures, extensive research, yoga intensives, retreats, other movement modalities and by questioning and curiously exploring the dualities of life.

Through feeling exploration of creative movement and subtle and energetic bodies, she encourages students to find natural, comfortable and safe movement patterns with focused attention to transitions and the subtle spaces in-between.  Interweaving this with traditional yogic practices, she creates a held and fun space for students to feel safe in uncovering a deeper connection to the strength, flexibility, balance and ease in their own physical bodies and the deeper layers that these practices inevitably uncover.

Yoga invites us to uncover and discover, to bring awareness to our perceptions and beliefs, around our own abilities and limitations and to the world that surrounds us,  it enables us to find a freedom and openness to the rhythms, changes and challenges of life.  By being feeling and exploring every movement and moment we begin to reconnect to our creativity and limitless human potential.