Yoga is a practice of re-remembering
our true nature

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Hi, I´m Anna....

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Sharing practices that help you feel fully present in the moment and that help more easefully navigate the weird and wonderful aspects of being a human.  Weaving traditional yoga & embodiment practices, free movement, chanting, meditation with personal enquiry you are invited to feel safe in uncovering a deeper connection to the strength, flexibility, balance and ease in your own physical body and the deeper subtle layers that these practices inevitably uncover.

I am ever grateful to the teachers and mentors who have and continue to inspire me through their guidance mainly Mollie McClelland Morris, Yogacharya Lalit Kumar, Tara Judelle and Naomi Absalom

I´ve been a dedicated student of yoga for over 15 years and naturally fell in to teaching over a decade ago.  Yoga Wanders was born from a dedication and deep desire for sharing the tools I have acquired and an unbounded curiosity for travel and adventure.  

This is a space for exploration of inner and outer landscapes.


Born and raised in London, my journey on this path opened gateways to a better understating of myself & provided me with tools to navigate through the shape shifting and challenges of this human existence with more grace and awareness. It enabled me to recreate how I choose to live life more bravely, authentically and with more heart led awareness. 


These practices continuously support me in returning to my true nature


They have opened possibilities for transformation and dream realization.  

Through feeling exploration of  movement and subtle and energetic bodies, I encourage students to find natural, comfortable and safe movement patterns in their bodies and to re-remember the magnificent nature that is the human body and it´s aliveness. 


Yoga invites us to uncover and discover, to bring awareness to our perceptions and beliefs, around our own abilities and limitations and to the world that surrounds us, enabling us to find a freedom and openness to the rhythms, changes and challenges of life.  By being feeling and exploring every movement and moment we begin to reconnect to our creativity and limitless human potential.